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Neolamin NRO Super

Neolamin NRO Super

Product description

Neolamin NRO Super insulation boards are foamed polystyrene boards laminated with tar paper on a glass fiber veil. For the production of insulating sandwich panels, Neodach Podłoga Super polystyrene panels are used.

Neolamin NRO panels have a full fire safety classification for roof products, have been classified in the BROOF (t1) class for resistance to external fire and as non-spreading fire (NRO) according to the ITB Instruction.

Product use:

  • for thermal insulation of roofs (with a slope angle of no more than 20o)
  • for thermal insulation of flat roofs and terraces
  • for insulating walls below ground level

Related documents:
Technical Approval and ITB AT 15-8112 / 2011 “Neolamin NRO thermal insulation sandwich panels”
Fire classification 1593/12 / ZOONP